Saturday, October 16, 2010

As I Lay Awake

It isn't every night that I lie awake and wonder about my life
Things are changing
and with every step that I take,
It seems that I am becoming more aware
of the struggles that I will be facing
and all I can say
is that
I am scared to death of what the future holds for me

The future is never certain
and for the longest time
I believed that having a plan would lock down the events that would occur in my life
but I was wrong

Things that I never expected to happen,

It's time I realized this
Life is shooting by like a star burning out
and I once always thought I was prepared

It's time I started looking at all of the possibilities
maybe then,
I will be prepared for all that will happen in my life
or maybe,
I just need to start accepting the things in my life that happen

Whatever it is that I need to do,
I am certainly learning quickly
with the lonely nights
in which I lay awake

Yours Truly,

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