Saturday, October 23, 2010

Finding Peace

The rain has been here for a few days.

I like it,
the way the air smells, with the scent of the ground rising up
the peacefulness that surrounds us all
the squirrels,
all running around,
drinking water from the puddles.
The puddles,
Oh how I love puddles as they all lay out in a road,
waiting for me to run through them

I enjoy the company of the rain
the nights aren't so lonely
and I can stop listening to myself
and listen to the rain
speaking to me

I've been exploring all around the town
I've found an amazing restaurant.
The aroma from the jasmine rice, reminding me of home

I ride my bike slowly down the streets when it rains
I never want to go back to my room
because I see my bed
and it's telling me constantly
that I need to lay down
It's calling for me every time I come back

I notice so much more when I am alone

But is it always good?

Yours Truly,

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