Sunday, October 24, 2010

Never Let Me Go

Last night,
I spent a long time in my room
writing in my journal that I had refused to look at for the past month.
As tears started to stream down my face,
someone knocked at the door.

I didn't want to open it,
but I quickly wiped my tears.
Jessica was at the door
and when she hugged me I cried more

I was glad that she was there
I don't know what I would have done last night without her
She spent her Saturday night with me

We went to eat at Crepeville
and then we went to watch "Never Let Me Go"
it was an amazing story
about children who were created to give away their vital organs when they were older
and how two of the children were in love
It had a deep story behind it
It had to do with our souls,
How these clones actually had souls
and probably felt more than the souls that were creating them

The rain was pouring when we got out
and I was so happy
When we got back,
she still stayed with me
until we were both sleepy
and then she went to bed
but I laid awake
I didn't fall asleep until five in the morning
I wonder what it was that kept me up

The rain is still pouring today
and I want to go out to get pho
I also would like to go for a run
I miss those days when I'd run in the rain

I know I'm changing
but is it for myself?

Yours Truly,

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