Friday, October 8, 2010

Truth Be Told

Earlier this morning,
the birthday comittee came by my room
It was the sweetest thing in the world!
I thought that the girls were so cute with their huge birthday sign and all that good stuff

but the funny thing was that it is not my birthday today.
My birthday isn't for another two months!

It was definitely a pleasant surprise though,
I hope that they find the right Olivia on their next trip.

Many things took place this morning, including an argument that I had.
It is a pretty hard thing trying to be friends with a person who means the world to you,
a person that you love more than anyone else
a person whom you have deep feelings for
but it's a crucial part of our lives
Life is changing us each and every day

I am having a hard time with accepting the truth
but I think that after this morning
I have realized finally what it has to come to

He is my best friend
and sometimes
he is my only friend

I never want to imagine a day without his smile
or his voice putting me to sleep every night.

we can still touch the sky together.

Yours Truly,

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