Friday, December 31, 2010

Let's Try To Remember,

these days back in December.

Just the other day we had Hawthorne Heights on full blast.
It reminded me of the days back in middle school
where we would listen to music and go to gigs all the time.
Life was good as a kid.
You wanted to try new things
& meet new people.
&& changing your perspective of who you could be was always open

Now we are getting older
and the realization of this mere fact is greatly impacting us.
It seems as though your opportunities are now limited.
We are no longer children,
there isn't much for us to try anymore.
I mean, what is there to do?

Every new year,
people will make resolutions for themselves.
Resolutions are made to solve issues.
They are made with determination.

My resolution
to be myself

to find that kid inside of me
to forget about all the bullshit that happens
to remember how it feels like to try new things
to ignore the people who bring me down

It's no longer about me trying to be who I once was
it's about me,
putting a twist on who I have become.

is going to be a great year.
Unexpected things will happen
we will lose people
we will gain friends
we will go on roller coaster rides within ourselves
but most importantly
we will remember that these things will happen
we will be the ones who can determine how much strength we have to conquer what is to come.

Yours Truly,

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