Wednesday, December 8, 2010


If love is a crime, let's bring the crime rate up baby.

It's finally the middle of the week. I cannot wait to go back home this Friday. It is the one of two things that has been keeping me happy this entire week of finals.
So your question should be then, what is the other thing that is keeping you in such a good and positive mood?
: D
I have come to the conclusion that talking to people whom I desperately have been shutting out of my life for the past few months is the other thing that is keeping me oh so positively happy. I seriously have not been this happy in such a long time. My worries are starting to disappear as I rely solely on the present. All of my days are usually spent worrying about the future & worrying about the past. I now am looking forward to my days with a positive mindset. I had forgotten how to live in the moment. With this realization, I am becoming happier and stronger each and every day.
Shit happens every single day of our lives. It is not worth it to spend all of our time thinking about what could have been or what could be. Fuck it. It happened. End of story.
I am pretty darn hungry right now, so I will thoughtfully conclude this entry:

Yours Truly,

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Daniel said...

:) im happy for you liv. keep this attitude and the world will be yours.