Saturday, February 26, 2011

The sun had never been so bright before. It was as though that day, darkness would disappear forever. Walter knew of his troubles, and how they would never escape his mind, yet this day brought back hope. Hope that would only last for the forty-two hours the sun remained in the sky.
Everyone knew that the sun would never come back after that day. Everyone knew that Walter was always struggling. Yet no one knew who Walter was. The town would whisper to each other, stating things that they had heard about Walter. But no one ever dared to say one word to him. The kids in that town were always throwing rocks at his car. It was there they said, that the woman was found, drenched in her own blood. The sun drying up the stained concrete. 
The sun had rotated numerous times since that day the woman was found lying in Walter's car. Walter would never forget that day. Many people in the town knew that Walter and the woman were in love. Walter met her at a restaurant on a sunny day. The woman was his waitress. Walter ordered breakfast. He wanted his eggs over-medium, but the woman brought him scrambled eggs instead. Walter laughed about it. How funny it was to him that the woman would bring him scrambled eggs. He didn't mention it at all to the woman, and was satisfied with his meal. 
Walter and the woman would occasionaly run into each other at the park when he was walking his dog. The woman always said hello and Walter would reply back, "Have a great day." Walter always thought the woman was so beautiful since that day in the restaurant that she gave him scrambled eggs. He had always wanted to ask her out to dinner, but never had the courage to. And now she was gone. Just a mere pigment of his life.
One day, Walter's dog became very excited after seeing 

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