Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fall In

Today marks a special day for a special dude. You see, it's been twenty years since his existence came. I've baked him a cake. A special cake. A tasty chocolate cookies and cream cake. And he is going to love it. For weeks he had mentioned to me that he wasn't looking forward to this day. He is no longer a teenager. He's in his twenties and quite frankly, he's getting OLD
Poor boy.....

But I'll attempt to make it a birthday that he won't forget. One with an unexpected present and an unexpected cake. One that he'll remember forever because it'll be his last without a special little person hanging by his side. : )

Here's the cake by the way.

I tried. 
I really tried
and it looked like crap at first
but just a little more frosting 
and some 
oreo cookie pieces

made the cake magical

Yours Truly,

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