Wednesday, May 23, 2012

She is finally here

Akira Paj Ntsais Hinojosa
seven pounds and 2.9 ounces
twenty inches

My sweet sweet pea.
Holding her in my arms was a feeling that was unexplainable.
I wanted to see her so badly and now here she is
and I will never let her out of my sight

She is so good
So sweet and beautiful
She's got her daddy's eyes
and her mommy's nose

The experience was amazing
I wanted to go all natural, but ended up getting an epidural while I was seven centimeters
It took me about six hours to get to seven centimeters
and all together
it took only nine hours to deliver my little piece of sunshine

I love her so much
from the moment that I felt her presence inside of me
to the moment that I got to hold her in my arms

I will never stop loving you

Yours Truly,

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